Capgemini chooses the web to launch its new brand promise

London - 16 November 2010

“People matter, results count.”

Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost consulting, technology and outsourcing providers, confirms its strategic choice of the web to launch its new brand slogan “People matter, results count.” and global advertising campaign. This campaign showcases Capgemini experts who share business proof points to concretely demonstrate what they can deliver to their clients. Launched on November 15 on the web, this international campaign will run until the end of March in ten of the Group’s key markets[1] across three continents. Thanks to this investment, Capgemini will become a major online brand in its sector during the campaign.

With its new brand promise “People matter, results count.”, Capgemini highlights the determining role of people in companies’ success. This promise represents a new phase in the Group’s brand identity, in line with the “Collaborative Business Experience”[2] concept created by the Group several years ago to explain its way of working. “People matter, results count.”, however, goes a step further, in expressing the decisive influence of people on results.

For Philippe Grangeon, Capgemini Group Marketing & Communications Director: “Today, in our markets, technological excellence is a prerequisite. Our clients are looking for the partner who can best understand their needs and can help them achieve the best results. They share our conviction: technology can only be a success when it is operated by and for people. This is what we express in our new slogan. Also, by making the web the backbone of our communications and marketing strategy, we aim to build the leading digital brand in our sector of activity. The Internet is the medium which privileges our different audiences - clients, prospects, and young graduates – as well as our own people. It is also an extremely versatile medium where a wide variety of content can be shared.”

To illustrate “People matter, results count.” creatively, Capgemini has decided to highlight its network of experts. At the launch, around twenty experts will relate their experiences and explain what they can deliver to their clients. Their very diversity demonstrates the variety of Capgemini’s disciplines and the many sectors and countries in which the Group is established, as well as its profoundly multicultural character. These accounts are related in the first person plural and are systematically introduced by the phrase “We are the ones.”

Web users will be able to discover these experts on more than 100 general, business and specialist IT websites. By clicking on the banners or by visiting the website, they will be directed towards a platform called “Expert Connect”. They will then be able to interact directly with Capgemini experts.

Throughout this campaign, Capgemini aims to ensure internet users have 1.5 billion opportunities to see its advertising.

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