Forbis offers a service of testing automation for improving BIS FORPOST operation

11 November 2010

Forbis Company, striving to provide innovative solutions, has implemented automatic testing of products in the framework of internal processes and is ready to offer its customers the service, which will enable to save their time and money. Testing of software is a mandatory stage of the product or solution development process, in the course of which qualitative characteristics of the product are ensured.

When a release is updated or certain modifications are performed, customers face a necessity of checking the productivity of the entire set with regard to individual settings and revisions. For such cases the Forbis Company offers a set of acceptance and loading tests, which may be performed at the customer’s site. It will allow saving time and resources, and increasing the quality and stability of operation of the software set.

The tests are included into a general range of developments of the Forbis Company products; they are easy to comprehend and manage for the specialists of the company, and thus enable a quicker response in the case of an error.

Advantages of testing automation:

• Reliability: operations of testing are performed in a set order for elimination of a probability of a human error.
• Ensuring of quality: during testing detailed reports, which may be easily compared and analysed, are automatically formed.
• Greater speed of testing: automatic tests are performed much quicker, than those performed by a human.
• Repeating of tests: both the entire set of testing as well as testing of a separate stage may be easily repeated; thus, one and the same operation may be tested several times.
• Money saving: less resources are required for testing.

Implementation of this solution is designed for support of a high technological level of the company and gives new possibilities for development.

What was done?
For its products, the Forbis Company has developed a set of acceptance and loading tests made on the basis of production testing solution, which are easily parameterised and managed. The base of the FORPOST system interface embraces only large-scale Oracle solutions; therefore the tests also encompass testing of display forms on the basis of Oracle WEB Forms.

Acceptance tests have also been created for the Internet Banking, including Back Office. The distinct feature of the tests is their complexity, when functions are tested as deeply as an analyst is able to understand them.

The set of loading tests serves for determining the maximum load of the equipment. Such testing may be performed for main components, subsystems and servers.

If required, after having being briefly trained (for 1 or 2 days), the customer may personally supplement and develop the tests.

In general, there are about 800 test cases, and this quantity is constantly growing.

Who may use this service?
The set of automated testing is used by the Forbis Company in the process of production. Such tests may be configured for each customer individually, besides all the releases of such configuration will be supported by the Forbis Company. The set of tests is provided and training of the personnel is carried out according to the needs of customers.

No doubt, implementation of the set in the environment of customers will increase the efficiency of the procedure of implementing of new releases and changes, and will save banks’ money and employees’ efforts.

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