Sky Road Debuts Motion, Groundbreaking Platform for Creation of Hosted Trading Applications

Chicago, IL - 10 November 2010

- Innovative SaaS studio provides custom trading application framework for hosted solutions

Sky Road, a leading software-as-a-service provider to the financial services industry, today announced the launch of an innovative application platform called Sky Road Motion. Motion introduces an inventive new paradigm to the financial technology community by enabling the rapid creation of custom hosted trading applications using a core set of SaaS technology. Via Motion, Sky Road can rapidly create hosted applications powered by industry partners, vendors and end users, opening up a universe of opportunities for the financial services industry. Custom Motion implementations are currently underway in a number of diverse areas, including: order management, compliance, consolidated reporting and data warehousing, portfolio management and OTC brokerage and clearing.

Sky Road Motion provides financial services firms with access to the latest in technology innovations. Firms can now have tailored applications developed and launched in a short period of time through Motion’s SaaS studio, enabling cost reduction, faster time-to-market and more functional and usable applications for individual users. Motion is designed with a unique role-based user interface that simplifies the user experience by adapting the interface to the user’s specific role within their organization. Through simple and powerful usability, Motion connects end users to numerous trade execution venues, prime brokers, fund administrators, and market data vendors and consistently maps and processes this data via the Motion Security Master module. The end result is a connected and powerful user experience.

“Motion represents our fundamental philosophy – to bring functional innovation to the financial services industry through best-of-breed hosted applications,” comments John Borse, Founder and CEO of Sky Road. “Since our inception, we have taken a unique approach to SaaS, combining customization with the cost reduction and time-to-market benefits of hosted technology. With Motion, we’ve utilized SaaS to bring user experience to the next level. We believe a one-size-fits-all approach cannot work any longer in the industry and users need direct access to the functions they need to do their jobs.”

Sky Road Motion builds hosted applications by combining components in the areas of user interface, connectivity, market data, third party analytics and reporting. The assembled applications can then be deployed as SaaS applications, leveraging hardware redundancy, SAS70 compliant data centers, and disaster recovery replication infrastructure. Applications are monitored using Sky Road’s support services and monitoring infrastructure.

“The vision behind Motion is simple – technology has advanced to the point where individual users now have the ability to control their own experience and customize it in order to optimize their workflow,“ comments Joe Clifford, Co-Founder and CTO of Sky Road. “We’re putting this technology in the hands of trading firms so that at every level of the firm each user has a solution that matches their specific needs while allowing them to access the benefits of SaaS technology in terms of cost, time to market and experienced support staff.“

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