Asset Control Launches AC Connect to Reduce the Cost and Operational Risk of Data Integration

New York - 4 May 2010

Asset Control, the world-wide leader in financial data management solutions, has released AC Connect, a single integration platform that helps firms achieve faster time to market and return on investment on their data management and business application projects. As a new module of Asset Control’s AC Plus data management software solution, AC Connect simplifies integration to help firms reduce or eliminate the need for costly technical development skills and third party integration tools.

Financial institutions are under constant pressure to reduce risk in all aspects of their operations, while also controlling costs and evolving their product offerings to meet the needs of their customers. AC Connect's intuitive interface allows customers to easily configure their information delivery to accommodate the myriad of different ways that individual systems consume information to support their management, trading, valuation, compliance, risk and settlements activities. AC Connect’s multi-faceted modeling approach provides the flexibility needed for integration management and structuring of data in a manner that is understood by a firm’s core business applications. AC Connect:

• Supports different systems with proprietary integration methods and workflows in a global 24/7 environment
• Meets all integration methods including Web services, publish/subscribe, and bulk delivery
• Supports any number of multiple concurrent data subscriptions in shared or segregated environments
• Allows for rapid distribution of large blocks of data within internal or external service-level timelines
• Integrates with a firm’s existing scheduling and monitoring tools
• Automatically maintains real-time view of enriched data from the firm’s data management operations
• Provides changes and updates immediately to consuming systems that require it

Phil Lynch, Asset Control’s president and chief executive officer, said, “Asset Control has been leading innovation in data management for more than 20 years. We’re proud to invest over 20% of our revenues each year in research and development, and deliver solutions that solve the most crucial business problems such as data integration. AC Connect helps firms to accelerate their return on investment in data management and the business applications that rely on quality data, by delivering data when, where and how it is needed.”

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