Bankers given choice of iPhone technology

19 May 2010

The iPhone is expected to replace the BlackBerry as the corporate communication device of choice for some bankers employed by Standard Chartered.

According to newspaper reports, staff working for the bank will now be given the option of choosing the Apple-manufactured device for mobile email and internet access.

The Asian-based Standard Chartered is believed to be one of the first large financial institutions to offer the device to its staff.

Employees who wish to retain their BlackBerry will be allowed do so, the bank explained.

Jan Verplancke, chief information officer and head of technology for Standard Chartered, told the Times that the new device had been offered to bankers due to the compatibility of its applications with banking systems.

“The device is starting to gain momentum like no other. We wanted a mix of internal and external functionality and the apps available on the iPhone are quite staggering. It can extend our environment beyond what we can do ourselves,” he explained.

Earlier in the month, Standard Chartered announced that it had seen a “very strong” first quarter.

Although no figures were revealed, the financial institution stated that profit and income were both higher during these three months than in the same period of 2009.

By Jim Ottewill

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