Document Depository Corporation Gains Momentum with New BoardPortal Clients

Philadelphia, PA - 26 March 2010

Document Depository Corporation (DDC) continues to expand the reach of its board management software, BoardPortal, with the addition of several new clients across the country.

From Boston, MA to Alpharetta, GA and Huntington Beach, CA, BoardPortal continues to attract new clients who see its value in promoting best practices for board management. These companies recognize the importance of the structure, open communication, and security that BoardPortal’s web-based software provides them and the multiple VCs invested in their companies.

BoardPortal, the premier software application from DDC, includes an array of features designed to assist board-led organizations in managing and communicating key corporate documents with their board of directors. The application’s tools include a cap table utility, document storage and sharing, at-a-glance file summaries, meeting reminders, and document notifications, all designed to manage and streamline the volume of corporate documentation which faces many companies, saving executives’ valuable time and promoting transparency and best practices. With nothing to install and full disaster recovery, BoardPortal application is easy to use and completely secure.

“The continued growth of BoardPortal confirms what we’ve known all along. Following best practices in boardroom management commands a true premium,” commented Farid Naib, CEO and Founder of DDC, “Companies know that every time an important document is buried in a crowded inbox or their cap table has to be redone due to a math error, they lose money and time. BoardPortal effectively eliminates this problem.”

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