Transoft International announces second anniversary of OptimizeCF cloud computing (SaaS) cash forecasting and cost optimization solution.

Cary, NC - 2 March 2010

Industry leading Cash Management Solutions Specialist Transoft pioneered the transition of cash forecasting solutions to Software as a Service cloud computing services over two years ago

Transoft International, the leading provider of currency supply chain management solutions has forged another link in a long chain of pioneering firsts. When Transoft released its first version of their flagship OptiCash cash optimization applications 18 years ago it was an immediate success with large and medium sized financial institutions. As our history progressed we added other optimization applications that expanded our capabilities to include cash optimization for Vaults, Central Banks, Retailers and Casinos. However one omission has always bothered CEO and President Bo H. Holmgreen – “Due to the database, implementation and management requirements of our legacy systems, only larger financial institutions had the resources to acquire and maintain such advanced technology. Admittedly the cost of these systems has reduced dramatically as computer technology has evolved, but it has still remained outside the grasp of smaller institutions. Three years ago we decided to change that and began development of OptimizeCF. Rather than re-invent the technology that has served our customers so well we harnessed the production-hardened capabilities of our core applications to bring almost two decades of progress to the concept of cloud computing via the internet and to make it available and affordable for even the very smallest financial institutions. Obtaining the benefits of the proven optimization engine creates a very fast ROI for all SaaS clients.”

Transoft can now boast a customer list of small, medium and large financial institutions, domestic and internationally based, who have made the move to “cash optimization via the cloud”.

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