New Simulated Market Environment Allows Futures Traders to Design and Test Algorithms with Live Market Data

Chicago - 2 March 2010

TickIt Trading Systems minimizes risk of computer-driven programs

Many trading groups using new computer-driven platforms experience a steep – and potentially costly - learning curve when executing strategies in the fast-paced trading market. To help educate traders on how to properly and efficiently utilize computer-driven platforms, TickIt Trading Systems has developed a simulated market (SIM) in which traders can test their strategies with live market data.

“With 15 years of experience in the futures trading industry, I know how valuable it is for traders to be able to test their strategies before deploying them in a live market,” said TickIt co-founder Michael Unetich. “In TickIt’s SIM market, traders without any programming experience can design and run algorithmic strategies without fearing pitfalls typically present in running automated programs that have not been rigorously tested in a live market.”

Approximately 60 trading firms are currently using TickIt’s SIM market and Unetich expects to see an increase in requests over the next few months as more traders become aware of TickIt’s unique Algo Design Lab, a platform that is unlike any other system in the industry.

“TickIt’s user-friendly Algo Design Lab introduces traders to a more interactive way of creating algorithms. They can literally drag and drop icons to construct algorithmic circuit-like designs on their screen, which when deployed to the TickIt server, are compiled and run as if they were traditional computer programs.” said TickIt co-founder and Director of Technology Rick Lane. “Once traders feel confident with their algorithm building skills in the SIM market, they can use TickIt to implement their own automated blackbox high frequency trading strategies in a live market.”

“To minimize risks inherent with running automated programs, TickIt created intuitive design “feedback” signals, installed safety measures to prevent improper logic within the Algo Design Lab, and thoroughly tested the software throughout the lifecycle,” said Lane. “When the platform is used in tandem with TickIt SIM, traditional pitfalls found in most software design, such as infinite loops or memory leaks, should become a thing of the past.”

“Not only do we provide the tools to trade with minimized risks, we provide an educational experience,” said Unetich. “This is one more example of how TickIt is creating a more empowering experience for users of our trading platform.”

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