Anova Technologies introduces OptiWave, an innovative, ultra‐low latency NJ/NY metro trading solution that utilizes “passive” fiber wavelengths

Chicago - 2 March 2010

Anova Technologies, a Chicago‐based optical engineering and low‐latency networking firm, has created a unique fiber platform, OptiWave. This system melds the network management and micro‐second speed that today’s trading firms demand, coupled with an accessible price point and ease of deployment.

Historically, dark fiber connectivity has been difficult to procure, as well as cost prohibitive for all but a select few of the largest trading entities. Lit, or managed, fiber services from traditional carriers have a relatively lower price point but unfortunately exhibit higher latencies and zero control in terms of route or equipment improvements. Anova’s OptiWave service was created on the premise of eliminating this dilemma entirely.

Michael Persico, CEO of Anova, elaborates: “The technology involves installing a non‐electrified filter onto a strand of dark fiber. This gives us the unique ability to offer a single fiber color, or channel to the customer. They can then put their own optics on the path endpoints, which reduces the latency by removing superfluous cross connects and other unnecessary Telco gear found in a managed offering. It also allows for infrastructure upgrades at the firm’s discretion, not the provider’s.”

The individual colors or channel wavelengths have been loosely termed “passive” waves, alluding to their hybrid nature and the conception of their place as the perfect middle ground between lit (active) and dark (non‐active) fiber. OptiWave packages are priced in bandwidth sizes of 10G, 40G and 100G, making the routes an excellent foundation for the extraordinary data requirements of electronic trading participants.

The business logic for this initiative is just as sound – all of the major New Jersey electronic exchange data centers are available on the OptiWave network, or “ring”. Paths exist between 300 Blvd East, 1400 Federal, 275 Hartz/755 Secaucus and 165 Halsey. For traders that have proximity hosted their equipment in these prime order execution locations, the task of automated arbitrage through intra‐exchange connectivity has just become significantly simpler.

“By adding these main points of interest, we’ve created a high‐speed, passive wave ring to satisfy the data demands of today’s HFT, market making and buy‐side customers. All of the major East Coast electronic futures, equities, and options matching engines are collocated within our platform and more paths are pending. This solution is designed for the end user ‐ the trading firm ‐ but if you think about it, it can also be a low cost method for carriers to expand their footprint in the New Jersey region” Persico continues.
Future additions to the passive ring include 151 Front in Toronto and 111 8th Ave & 60 Hudson Street in New York. As a full‐service provider, Anova can provide equipment, installation and maintenance bundles to those firms seeking turn‐key solutions.

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