Migratory Push Server 3.0 released, adds support for guaranteed message delivery

17 March 2010

Migratory Data Systems today announced that its real-time web technology now guarantees delivery of messages for mission critical web applications.

Migratory Push Server is a high performance real-time web technology that can handle a huge number of concurrent web clients. It offers extreme vertical scalability supporting 500,000 concurrent users on a single entry-level server machine (performance benchmarks are available on the Migratory Data Systems website). In addition, the system scales horizontally with built-in load balancing to meet any growth in number of web clients.

Migratory's push technology delivers information over the Internet to web browsers in real-time and continuously – as soon as fresh data is available. Data is pushed natively to browsers using pure JavaScript and without any plug-in required, so there is zero installation on the customers' desktops or mobile devices.

New features in Migratory Push Server version 3.0 include fault-tolerance and reliable delivery of data:

• Multiple push server instances can be deployed as a fault-tolerant system with no single point of failure. The system will continue to function properly despite unexpected events such as hardware failures or network disconnections.

• In addition, the system guarantees end-to-end delivery of data even in the event of sudden failures.

Mihai Rotaru, Managing Director at Migratory Data Systems, says: “Our push server now offers an affordable, reliable resilient, web infrastructure able to send live data to millions of users.”

Migratory Push Server previously an internal component within Migratory's RMDS2Web Server – a real-time web solution for financial institutions using Reuters market data systems – was available only to Migratory's partners. It is now being offered as a product in its own right, as a result of customer demand. Further information, including free evaluations, can be obtained from the Migratory Data Systems website

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