WJT "evolves" High Frequency Trading

10 March 2010

WJT Global Solutions Launches "evolve | XTP" High Frequency Trading Solution for Quantitative Hedge Funds and Prop Traders.

"evolve represents the first commercially available suite of enterprise class solutions for high frequency trading platforms that we are aware of" said Will Mechem, Managing Director. "evolve" was designed from the ground up to address the critical needs of high frequency traders employing complex quantitative models.

The suite of solutions include statistical engines, market data and execution, real time risk and portfolio management and leverages Open Source software including a high speed messaging bus and complex event processor (CEP). "evolve" supports multiple asset classes and is broker neutral, and multi-prime capable.

"evolve | xtp is a very powerful, highly-modular and complete HFT framework from a leader in global trading solutions. Performance, scalability, extensibility, and low- latency are the name of the game here, allowing traders and quants to focus their precious time on alpha generation, strategy development and fast deployment. A rule-based, CEP core, riding atop an ultra-low latency messaging bus, extensive, open-API platform to virtually any liquidity and service provider, and the ability to take advantage of the latest hardware assists, completes the very compelling picture." says Oleg Olovyannikov, a WJT advisor and ex-Global Head of High Frequency Trading technology at Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C.

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