Technology set to Further Rationalise the Finance Industry

London - 1 March 2010

Asset managers remain cautious despite markets rebounding

TSAM, Europe’s largest buy-side technology and operations event, is due to be held this year on 9th March at the Brewery in the City of London. The conference will bring together high profile players as they overview how they have ridden out the worst of the recent financial crisis; emerging stronger, better and wiser. Attention will also be drawn to where the buy-side should focus its efforts in order to stay afloat and sustain growth.

Among this year’s 65 speakers are Mark Holt, head of technology for Systemic Trading at BlueCrest Capital; Colin Close, president, Netik LLC; and Martyn Cuff, managing director at Allianz Global Investors Europe.

The event will address how the buy-side will emerge and progress in 2010. Mr Holt, BlueCrest Capital, reflects on his presentation: “Without the developments in electronic trading over the past decade, buy-side trading would not exist at its current output or scale. The progressive disintegration of investment bank proprietary functions and the technology available for market access has created an inevitable momentum to move more trading activity to the buy-side. Indeed, electronic trading is helping to naturally restructure the finance industry; a process that is far from over.” During his address on the anatomy of a systematic trading strategy, he will talk delegates through the generation, implementation and execution of various systems and strategies.

Speaking about data management and the implications of outsourcing, Mr Close, Netik, said: “It is important we don’t assume the crisis is completely over and that some of its’ characteristically complex investment practices are not resurgent. They are. For example, hedge funds are back with the additional twist that multi-strategy funds are emerging as attractive products. Even securitisation is not dead with CDOs and CLOs quietly returning in evolved, lower leveraged form. Therefore, huge complexity remains in the middle and back office at a time when the regulators and money-owners are demanding better operational processes and more transparent reporting. For buy-side firms to satisfy these demands in 2010, they are investing in prerequisite enterprise data management solutions and using these to enhance reporting and enable the outsourcing of investment operations processes in order to achieve the best practice that is expected of them. Their ability to attract assets will increasingly depend on them demonstrating success in such initiatives.”

The conference will also examine the rapidly changing business environment. Speaking about its impact upon risk, Mr Cuff, Allianz Global Investors Europe, added: “Risk and cost management are going to become progressively more important throughout 2010 and beyond, changing the balance of the environment we have grown used to pre the financial crisis. Products are going to retain their importance, although a product push alone is not good enough, with instead, clients also wanting a tailored solution-based approach. In terms of where these products and solutions come from, we can expect to see continued globalisation. This is not just European and US fund management companies going into developing markets but there are early signs that companies in countries such India and China are interested in moving into mature investment management markets.”

Organised by Osney Media, the event will showcase speakers throughout ten individual streams and delegates will be able to meet over 40 solution providers who are exhibiting on the day.

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