InRev Systems launches new version of Buzzom

4 June 2010

InRev Systems, the developer of Buzzom, Buzzom Premium and URL Shortner, NXY, today announced the launched a new version of Buzzom, a free tool for social media account management. The new Buzzom comes with a new ‘facebook’ style interface which serves as a front end for both twitter and facebook. It also has multiple account support for both twitter and facebook and better spam control.

Explaining the changes about the interface, Inrev CEO, Bhupendra Khanal said ,”Unlike most twitter tools which have adopted the multiple column style interface, we decided to go with the ‘facebook’ style interface as it seemed more intuitive for online conversations. We are confident Buzzom users will like it”.

He further added, “Using the New Buzzom, users can not only manage their social media accounts but also take part in online conversations and with spam control, the experience will get even better”.

Buzzom has been growing very fast in the Social Media App Market, and it is clearly amongst World’s best Web Services in this space. Buzzom currently serves around 300k unique users around the World; Majority of these users comes from US, followed by Italy, Japan and India.

With the new feature, Buzzom plans to grow to the next level. InRev CMO Deep Sherchan claims to achieve 5 Million Uniques per month by the year end. He says, “There is a long list of tasks to be done, and InRev team is working hard to make it happen.” He adds, “InRev has bigger goals”.

The old features like Twitin, Feed Management, People Search and Statistics have not been changed and are integrated into the new interface.

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