BSB Stands for Growth through Recruitment

Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium - 4 June 2010

To hire 70 new dedicated and motivated staff members: that is BSB’s target for the end of this year. BSB will strengthen existing teams and develop new teams that are committed to the development and integration of software solutions for BSB’s clients, not only in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Ireland where BSB has local operating sites, but in the rest of Europe as well.

Since the beginning of the year, the number of projects overseen by BSB’s teams has grown rapidly. In order to satisfy its customers’ requirements, BSB not only wants to strengthen the existing teams, but also set up new ones. This will mean a 30% increase in staff numbers over the coming weeks.

Two-thirds of the new recruits (40 people) will join the development teams of BSB’s key software solutions, Soliam and Solife. Half of those (20 people) will work at BSB’s new development centre in Ireland. Dublin will be the new strategic centre alongside Luxembourg, Paris and Louvain-la-Neuve.

Besides new co-workers for the software development department, 30 people will be hired to join the Soliam and Solife software integration teams. “Mobility” will be the watchword for those teams, since they will be expected to meet the requirements of BSB’s customers across Europe.

In order to satisfy the inevitable training needs, BSB has set up the “BSB Academy” for the induction and training of new staff. Before being fully operational, new staff will complete a specific training programme using tried-and-tested methods, so that they quickly attain the standard of quality needed to meet the company’s requirements. This internal structure is one of the essential factors to guarantee total efficiency of the chain of development and integration of BSB’s software solutions.

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