High Frequency Trading Review Features Exclusive Interview with Manoj Narang, CEO, Tradeworx

30 June 2010

Manoj Narang, CEO and Founder of Tradeworx Inc, talks to the High Frequency Trading Review about the controversy surrounding HFT, the May 6th Flash Crash and the structure and regulation of the US Equities markets.

In an exclusive interview for the High Frequency Trading Review, Tradeworx CEO and Founder Manoj Narang provides in-depth answers on a range of questions around high frequency trading.

In the interview, Mr Narang explains how high frequency trading opportunities are identified, he addresses the controversy surrounding high frequency trading and goes on to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions around HFT.

Mr Narang also examines the Flash Crash of 6th May (Seis de Mayo) and gives his views on the current structure of the US Equities markets.

This interview is the latest in a series of conversations with high frequency trading experts and thought leaders.

The High Frequency Trading Review is a website dedicated to providing impartial information and objective commentary on the topic of high frequency trading. Recent interviews featured on the site include:

- Walter Hendriks, Managing Director at ABR Financial
- Sal Arnuk, Co-Founder, Partner and Co-Head of Equity Trading at Themis Trading LLC
- Peter Green, Founding Partner and CEO of The Kyte Group
- Mo Takhim, Head of Managed Services at ULLINK

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