FINCAD Scorecard Helps Companies Assess the Transparency of their Derivatives

3 June 2010

FINCAD Derivatives Transparency Scorecard enables corporate treasuries to determine the compliance and auditor-readiness of their financial instruments

FINCAD, the trusted provider of derivatives analytics, has launched the FINCAD Derivatives Transparency ScorecardTM. This complimentary online assessment allows financial professionals to determine the level of transparency and auditor-readiness of their derivatives valuation process.

The FINCAD Derivatives Transparency Scorecard is a component of the company’s Online Educational Program, developed to help corporate treasuries better manage their financial risk. In today’s uncertain business environment and ongoing changes to financial regulations, corporate treasuries need to ensure that their financial instruments’ valuation process complies with regulations such as Topic 820 (formerly FAS 157), IFRS 7, FAS 133, and IAS 39. This scorecard helps them gauge how prepared they are.

“We’ve noticed an overwhelming need for information and educational material for corporate treasuries to help them better understand and manage their company’s financial risk,” said Bob Park, president and CEO, FINCAD. “The FINCAD Derivatives Transparency Scorecard is designed to shed light on how transparent and auditor-ready a company’s derivatives valuation process truly is. Equipping treasuries with this information will save a great deal of time and resources and will allow them to be well prepared for their auditors and maintain the trust of shareholders.”

Corporate treasury professionals, CFOs and company directors can take this five minute online assessment at their convenience. They will receive a summary that outlines their level of transparency and regulatory compliance along with tips for better derivatives risk management. Click here to complete the scorecard.

Reasons why treasurers should take the online assessment:

• Helps determine transparency and auditor-readiness of financial instruments
• Provides a better assessment of financial instruments’ compliance with regulations such as Topic 820, IFRS 7 and IAS 39
• Offers tips and recommendations for better derivatives risk management
• Take the assessment now

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