Sallerson-Troob deploys new Orc Software trading functionality for volatility trading

Chicago - June 22, 2010

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), the leading global provider of technology for advanced trading and connectivity solutions, announces that Chicago-based trading firm Sallerson-Troob LLC “Sallerson-Troob” has deployed Orc Trading as a volatility trading solution for the firm. The order was booked in Q1 2010, and the contract is based on Orc’s licensing subscription model.

Sallerson-Troob is taking advantage of new functionality from Orc Software that allows traders to quickly fit volatility curves during the trading day. Managing volatility during the trading day can be time consuming and difficult. Orc Trading now allows users to access the full richness of Orc’s volatility management capabilities to automatically fit volatility curves for multiple instruments with a single click, letting the trader focus on identifying trading opportunities and reducing the time spent on ancillary tasks. This allows traders to scale their business to more instruments in more markets.

Alan Sartin, Member at Sallerson-Troob, comments, “We used to spend half of our time working with a trading system and fitting volatilities. With Orc Trading, we’re now able to do that in one click. Orc Software lets us increase our trading, find more opportunities, and ultimately make more and better trades. This functionality, combined with Orc’s excellent support and market reach, will help us remain competitive in the options market. Sallerson-Troob is actively seeking new traders and they’ll be able to take advantage of Orc Trading from day one.”

Akira Yamaguchi, Product Manager at Orc Software, notes, “Our new volatility curve fitting functionality will help traders, like those at Sallerson-Troob, maximize opportunities. Being able to manage more options and spot more opportunities with the trust that your volatilities are good is essential for today’s options traders. Traders earn their livings capitalizing on opportunities and refining their market views. A trader’s tools should be an enabler and not an obstacle.”

“Sallerson-Troob’s deployment of Orc Trading represents our continued growth in the US,” says Marty Leamy, President Americas, Orc Software. “Proprietary traders are looking for new tools to gain an edge and Orc is delighted to provide this functionality to new and existing customers alike.”

Orc Trading is used by leading financial firms worldwide for enhanced, trading and risk management on electronically traded derivatives. Orc Trading provides the competitive edge to trade from a single platform, on any listed instrument, across all asset classes, on 100+ markets. Orc Trading comprises market leading solutions including among others Orc Trading for Algorithmic Trading, Orc Trading for Arbitrage, Orc Trading for Market Making, Orc Trading for Risk Management and Orc Trading for Volatility Trading.

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