Horizon Software Enhances Scripting Capabilities of Its Products

22 June 2010

Horizon Software, a global provider of market finance IT solutions, has enhanced the embedded scripting capabilities of its products. Thanks to a straightforward and user-friendly graphical interface, scripts can now be developed without complex programming: the integrated and configurable control interface makes it easy to create, edit and apply scripts directly without leaving the trading GUI.

Scripts can be developed for a multitude of purposes. Each individual user has the possibility to decide which strategies to apply, which specific actions and shortcuts to use and how automatons are managed. Scripts can be applied to a single or several instruments to create new behaviours such as custom hedging algorithms.

When started, scripts become autonomous ‘agents’ living their own life. They are able to manage their own orders and internal status and therefore to react to system or market events. This flexibility brought by the possibility to automate tasks and create autonomous strategies undeniably makes trading more efficient.

The Horizon Software product suite:

- Horizon Trader is an ultra-low latency order and execution management system enabling cross-asset and cross-market trading of a practically unlimited range of instruments using a single platform. User-friendly and straightforward, Horizon Trader is an unmatched tool for organizations seeking competitive advantage in a fast-moving environment where speed, flexibility and reliability are critical factors for success.
- Horizon Derivative Trader integrates all the advanced features of Horizon Trader. It is further enriched with functionalities that address non-linear product specificities, from pricing and position management to volatility trading and hedging.
- Horizon Market Maker seamlessly animates derivative products in real-time on organized and internal markets. Designed for issuers and market makers, this ultra-low latency, high-frequency trading solution offers features that ensure a competitive edge beyond compare.
- Horizon Delta-One Market Maker is a dedicated version of Horizon Market Maker that handles Delta One products in association with the Basket Trading module.

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