Figaro - Quality First

17 June 2010

Figaro, the leading software application for Stockbrokers and Fund Managers, is one of the most comprehensive systems in the marketplace. Such a complex solution places extraordinary demands on the testing and quality process.

At JHC we have invested a lot of time in examining and improving the Figaro development testing and release processes. New guidelines have been formulated on testing and test strategy. Training our developers on testing to the industry standard (ISTQB) has also been implemented, ensuring that quality is considered from the start of software production. To augment this, Project Methodology is being rolled out this year together with the associated training to all involved staff.

The involvement of our clients has been paramount. We have been able to improve the quality of our test environments by getting test data direct from the client base. Additionally by engaging our clients at an early stage of the development cycle by means of prototype testing, we believe that we have raised the confidence levels of our clients and this has led to a better perception of the requirements for our developers.

To confirm that we are on the right track, we have formal client feedback on software performance and JHC service levels. Using this feedback has enabled us to institute a process of measuring the quality of software releases, taken from the clients’ own views of the issues raised and comparing it to the size and amount of change in the software.

From this, we are seeing a marked trend of improving software quality for Figaro that enables us to provide a sound platform for future releases.

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