Plug&Score 2010: multilingual version of scorecard development tool is now available

14 June 2010

Alyuda Research, one of the world’s leading providers of data mining software, is releasing today a new version of its Plug&Score® 2010 credit scorecard development tool which is now available in multiple languages.

From now on, customers from Portugal, Spain and Russia will be able to work natively in their language.

The industry’s most handy and user-friendly software, Plug&Score® 2010 automates scoring operations to save customers’ time and make the scorecard development process very easy and fast.

The new multilingual version contains both improvements in functionality and several additional features:

• Chi-squared test: now the software indicates whether the scorecard variable has passed the chi-squared test or not
• Plug&Score® 2010 is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
• Scorecard charts now support zooming
• New option for logistic regression training: now category encoding method can be selected (One-of-N or WOE)
• Reject Inference: now the Bad Rate chart for rejects can be tuned by dragging the chart points
• Minor usability improvements and bug fixes

Plug&Score® 2010 is expected to provide financial organizations with the easiest-to-use credit scorecard development tool to design and improve your internal scorecards for all stages of the loan cycle from loan origination and customer management to debt collection and fraud detection.

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