Existing web based trading solutions lack true business owner autonomy

Amsterdam - 1 June 2010

Bloosum B.V. announces a new dimension in web based trading solutions for real time markets.

During our years of experience in ecommerce and real time data projects within the financial services industry we noticed that many web based trading projects don’t meet their business goals.

The top issue we have been hearing is that many trading solutions come with a huge dependency on IT staff for even relatively common business-driven tasks. Ecommerce, sales and product managers are frustrated by these inflexible and difficult to manage trading solutions, as these:

• do not allow them to respond to changing market conditions in a short time
• result in higher costs for IT than for sales/marketing activities
• require too much time to launch a new label or service to the market

Bloosum has been founded to deliver real time web based trading solutions that are characterized by a business driven approach aimed at the convenience of business owners. Bloosum provides a trading platform that business owners can manage and customize autonomously and thus reduce dependency on IT, increase flexibility and user satisfaction.

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