TransGraph and TRADEPAQ announce strategic partnership for the Commodity Markets

7 July 2010

TransGraph, Commodity market mentors, providing market risk management solutions along with its leading risk management software, TransRisk, announced a strategic partnership with TRADEPAQ TRM LLC, a leading global provider of Commodity Trade and Risk Management (CTRM) software. Under the terms of the agreement, the two firms will jointly offer CTRM solutions; collaborating on marketing, sales and customer service with support across all the commodities markets.

Businesses exposed to commodities markets face significant challenges in terms of trade execution, trade processing and regulatory and business challenges. They also face significant market risk due to heightened volatility in commodity markets. The partnership assumes significance as both the firms will be able to offer an integrated best of the breed solutions in commodities trade processing and risk management software along with extremely flexible Business Intelligence capabilities, which will help businesses operate and take mission critical decisions efficiently.

TRADEPAQ provides a comprehensive CTRM solution for the softs, metals, and energy industries called TRADEPAQ:TRM enabling control, growth and compliance. It includes physical and future commodity trading, contract management, hedging, logistics, position management, financial accounting, P&L by contract, vessel, lot or shipment; and cash management.

TransGraph provides TransRisk, a market risk management solution. This product offers a multi-dimensional view of exposure and risk, which will help maximize operational efficiencies, optimize returns, quantify risks using VaR framework, implement various hedge and risk models, and simulate risks and scenarios. The breadth and rich functionality of the combined offering along with best project management practices is one of the most competitive solutions available in the commodities software space.

Mr. Nagaraj Meda, Chairman and Managing Director, TransGraph Consulting, said, “This partnership will enable the customers to access best of breed operational and analytical software at one place. The combined CTRM (Commodity Trading and Risk Management) solution will bring in operational efficiencies, process based work flow and will also enable the customers to implement various hedge models and their risk management policy along with extremely flexible limits and alerting mechanism. The n-tier architecture and easy flow in from one system to the other is highly decision enabling in nature. We are extremely happy and excited about the value creation for the customer from the partnership and the long standing experience and credibility of TRADEPAQ TRM LLC will enable us to access the Global markets.”

The impact to our clients needing global compliance is immediate and powerful asserts Warren Fisher, president TRADEPAQ TRM LLC. Linking physicals to futures with Lot level deferred accounting coupled with TransGraph’s Value at Risk (VaR) capabilities enables support for all current global compliance needs including IAS39, FAS133/157 and AS30. By adding a comprehensive Risk Simulation dimension to our offering along with intuitive Business Intelligence enables delivering the next generation CTRM solution for our industry.

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