MicroStrategy Announces General Availability of MicroStrategy Mobile for the iPhone and iPad

Cannes, France - 6 July 2010

MicroStrategy® Incorporated (NASDAQ:MSTR), a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) software, today announced the general availability of MicroStrategy Mobile, a platform that easily extends business intelligence applications (apps) to the iPhone® and iPad(TM). MicroStrategy Mobile for the BlackBerry® smartphone has been available since September 2007. The announcement of MicroStrategy Mobile for the iPhone and iPad was made today at the company's worldwide launch event and user conference in Cannes, France.

Mobile Expands the Business Intelligence Market

Businesses are recognizing the value of empowering their executives, workforce, suppliers, and business partners with actionable information at all times, not just while they are at their desktop computers. The ability to access business information 24x7 shortens decision-making time, streamlines business processes, enhances collaboration, and makes every location an office. Powerful app-phones and tablets that integrate sensor technologies, such as GPS, cameras, and multi-touch screens, make it even easier to query vast volumes of data quickly and precisely.

Mobile business intelligence is poised to expand the business intelligence market significantly, with more people accessing more data from their mobile devices. MicroStrategy Mobile extends business intelligence to mobile devices quickly and easily, and enhances the business intelligence user experience by leveraging the native capabilities of the iPhone and iPad.

Easily Extends Enterprise Reports and Information Dashboards to the iPhone and iPad

MicroStrategy Mobile enables companies to easily extend graphs, grids, enterprise reports, and information dashboards to the iPhone and iPad. Many people prefer to consume business intelligence on their mobile devices rather than on their desktop computers, since mobile devices are more portable, always on, and always connected. Mobile business intelligence is a logical extension of traditional business intelligence, but requires even higher performance and the ability to serve even larger user populations. MicroStrategy's architecture is engineered to provide the speed and scalability to support the escalating demands of mobile BI applications.

Deploy Mobile BI Applications Quickly

With MicroStrategy Mobile, existing MicroStrategy projects can be extended to the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry, typically within several days. MicroStrategy Mobile applications are assembled in a point-and-click fashion and do not require any coding. App creators can choose from an array of finely-designed, iPhone and iPad-optimized displays and controls.

MicroStrategy Mobile includes the infrastructure needed to support each new mobile app, so application developers only need to focus on creating the user experience and not on the back-end infrastructure. MicroStrategy's metadata-driven design approach enables rapid, point-and-click portability of reports between platforms, including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, web browsers, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Windows.

Enhanced Business Intelligence User Experience

The latest release of MicroStrategy Mobile takes full advantage of the native capabilities of the iPhone and iPad to deliver an enhanced business intelligence experience to users. By leveraging the user-friendly features of the iPhone and iPad, MicroStrategy Mobile provides intuitive business intelligence that is optimized for the mobile user.

Integrated Mapping: MicroStrategy Mobile offers out-of-the-box integration with Google maps for easy visualization of geospatial data and rapid location identification.

Multi-touch: MicroStrategy Mobile leverages the new Apple multi-touch gestures, such as swipe, tap, flick, and rotate, to ease data navigation for users.

BI-specific Gestures: MicroStrategy Mobile includes specialized data gestures such as drilling and paging that extend native iPhone functionality to enhance data exploration.

App Integration: App functionality can be extended by directly integrating with other on-device apps, including e-mail, browser, and text messaging; third-party apps such as social networks or payment solutions; and existing enterprise systems or data sources.

Sensor-based Query: MicroStrategy Mobile is integrated with on-device sensors, such as the GPS receiver, accelerometer, and bar code reader, to accelerate query speed and relevance. For example, since the device already knows the user's location, there is no need to manually enter the address.

Mobile Information Capture: Users can quickly capture information with on-device sensors, such as a camera or bar code reader, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Built for Enterprise Deployments

MicroStrategy Mobile inherits the core strengths of the MicroStrategy 9 platform to provide an enterprise-grade foundation for mobile applications.

High Performance: MicroStrategy Mobile is designed to provide the high performance expected on mobile devices. Specifically, MicroStrategy Mobile uses multi-level caching, an in-memory data structure, and a high efficiency network interchange to provide the high performance required to make mobile business intelligence apps most useful. In addition, the code that resides on the iPhone and iPad is written in pure Objective-C to provide fast execution performance and natural graphical animations.

Comprehensive Security: Security is one of the highest concerns of enterprises using mobile devices. MicroStrategy Mobile is designed to ensure the privacy and security of data, even when the devices leave the four walls of the enterprise. Device data wiping automatically wipes all of the BI application's data stored on the device every time the app is closed or the device is locked or powered off. Transmission encryption ensures that data in flight is fully protected from eavesdropping, and data encryption ensures that the data resident on the server can be encrypted to prevent penetration attacks for mobile BI apps.

High Scale Operation: MicroStrategy Mobile is designed specifically for high efficiency operation in environments of tens of thousands of users. MicroStrategy's powerful administrative tools make it easy for a small number of IT administrators to manage dozens of BI apps and many thousands of users from a central admin console. MicroStrategy's high performance architecture can support large user populations with just a few server CPUs.

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