Iliad Solutions announces T3:Berlin, Functional and Performance Testing Platform for Berlin Group Payments Interface.

6 July 2010

Iliad Solutions a leading supplier of advanced testing products and consultancy services for the card processing and payments industry, today announced the release of its T3 Berlin Group regression and performance testing platform (T3:Berlin).

With the opening up of the European financial services marketplace with the SEPA (Single European Payment Area) Card Framework, the largest payment infrastructure project ever undertaken in Europe. The aim of which is to replace the complex network of national debit systems currently in place across the Euro zone by a single open payments market.

In response to this European regulation, the major financial players in Europe have combined together to form an association, the Berlin Group, with has the common aim of defining a set of common standards for the implementation of bilateral card transaction processing between acquirers and issuers in Europe.

The first standard produced by the association is a common standard for Authorisation and Clearing which is based on the ISO 8583

The T3:Berlin Functional and Performance test tool components will allow acquiring/issuing banks or software development
organisations to build edit and run an integrated set of unit and regression tests which can be used as part of their testing programmes in readiness for certification of their Berlin Group compliant POS, ATM and Settlement/Clearing system interfaces. In addition using the performance testing capabilities, these tests can be run at volume to ensure that system infrastructures can adapt to the increasing transaction volumes that the new payment schemes will bring.

"Integrated testing of new initiatives is not just about getting ready for certification” Said Anthony Walton, Managing Director, Iliad Solutions. “Berlin Group Association members need to ensure that their complete end to end transaction authorisation process is rigorously tested. T3:Berlin allows members to rapidly create and deploy functional tests using a powerful integrated test editor and analyse results easily resulting in vastly improved productivity of the whole test process.”

“The early setting of standards by the Berlin group will have great benefits for the early adopters, T3:Berlin will consolidate that advantage and ensure that the members are genuinely ready to go”, added Walton. “This is particularly important at a time where development groups are being overloaded with numerous mandatory changes in preparation for SEPA”

T3:Berlin Regression and Performance is an integral component in the family of T3 payment system testing tools available from Iliad.

T3 offers end-to-end coverage for all components of a payment system. From EMV enable cards through all types of POS and ATMs to the formats supported by the world’s largest switches, credit card schemes and interchanges.

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