Finamex introduces Mexican Exchange Trading, Direct Market Access (DMA) and Proximity through Co-location for High Frequency, Low-Latency execution.

Mexico City (Mexico) - 5 July 2010

Finamex, the leading financial services broker dealer for the Mexican Exchange marketplace, historically focused in providing premium professional trading products for highperformance and low-latency market access, announced today its new proximity DMA offering.

Currently, Finamex enables trading systems allow firms to access Mexican Exchange venues at the lowest latencies in the market place. Finamex being an authorized broker dealer it also offers all risk requirements, validations and processes fully in-line with existent official regulations and certified on a yearly basis. Local as well as International trading firms have utilized Finamex connectivity to Bolsa Mexicana de Valores and the Mexican Derivatives Exchange Finamex FIX gateways.

Today’s announcement of the technology roll-out within the Exchanges’ datacenter incorporates a new lowlatency approach by Finamex for DMA. FIX gateways are now within LAN proximity to the Mexican Exchange trading engines allowing for high frequency trading strategies to perform optimally on this new Finamex DMA Gateway. Straight-Through-Processing systems have also been deployed in this environment with integration of Finamex Order Management, Risk Controls, Execution Routing, Algorithmic Trading, as well as networking connectivity for clients and partners.

The new Finamex DMA Gateway includes full support of:

* Ultra-thin and transparent FIX engines configurable for special requirements
* Pre-trade order validation optimized for high throughput execution
* Low-latency verifications modules for trading limits and other important checks
* Optimized order routing directly onto the Exchange matching engine LAN
* Neutral access and protected order flow as Finamex do not operate a proprietary trading desk
* Zero-cost execution algorithms including VWAP, TWAP, POV, and others as well as several synthetic order types

Finamex’s new infrastructure services support general co-location needs for customers and other market participants to implement their own servers and other network components further minimizing overalllatency.

For more than 20 years Finamex has been a leader in the Mexican financial services industry consistently ranking as one of the best independent broker dealers in the country. Finamex’s commitment to technology excellence is one of the reasons why it is in the top ten most liquid in the equities market, top-five in the fixed-income business, and the prime choice for HFT players and ALGO shops requiring execution services.

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