Direct Debit Limited launches Bacs-approved Hardware Security Module (HSM) for unattended payments submissions

London - 26 July 2010

PayCentre HSM reduces risk of human error and fraud in payments processes

Direct Debit Limited, the Bacs-approved payments-management software provider, today announced the launch of its Hardware Security Module (HSM). The module forms part of the PayCentre multi-payment processing platform, which helps organisations automate and streamline the lifecycle of credit and debit card, Direct Debit and Direct Credit payments processes.

The HSM module of PayCentre, which has been awarded Bacs-approved software status, enables Direct Debit Limited customers, including businesses, public-sector bodies and charities, to submit payment files to Bacs automatically. This alleviates risks involved in payments submission processes including human error and fraud. The tamper-proof HSM is a more secure alternative to smart cards.

Direct Debit Limited has designed PayCentre for organisations with high volumes of submissions. The HSM submits payments unattended, which reduces administrative costs. Users can process transactions outside of normal office hours by scheduling file submissions for specified dates. For example, if a company accounts clerk is going on holiday, it’s possible to pre-arrange file submissions, which ensures the company doesn’t miss any payments.

Direct Debit Limited underwent rigorous testing with Bacs and Vocalink to achieve formal approved status for the HSM module.

“In today’s business world, where security and efficiency is essential, companies need as much protection as possible and the HSM is a perfect solution to help reduce risk in payments processing.” said Salih Mripa, IT Director, Direct Debit Limited. “We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this module as part of our integrated PayCentre platform”.

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