Compass Plus announces product capability to run on IBM System z™ environment using Oracle database server

22 July 2010

Compass Plus, a company specialising in electronic payment solutions and retail banking systems has successfully completed scalability and performance tests on IBM System z™ environment for TranzWare Online and TranzWare CMS. TranzWare Online is a highly efficient, fault-tolerant engine for the switching, parametric routing and authorisation of electronic payment transactions along with an array for cutting-edge supporting functionalities. It is complemented with TranzWare CMS – a feature-rich comprehensive banking solution providing the tools to enable the efficient operation and management of card issuance and lifecycle, bank and merchant acquiring with a range of retail banking features. The IBM System z platform is uniquely positioned as the management hub at the heart of the enterprise computing environment, efficiently and securely handling mission-critical, complex and intense application and processing requirements. System z delivers large scale consolidation capabilities for savings of up to 80% in total cost of ownership compared to distributed platforms.

The extensive testing took place from 19th April until 11th May 2010 at z Benchmark, IBM Products and Solutions Services Centre, Montpellier (France). The testing was carried out on a z10 server hardware model E64 with 64 GCP configured with 384 GB of RAM.

The benchmark set under the conditions of real life production use clearly demonstrated that TranzWare CMS is capable of running all end-of-month procedures in less than 8 hours for at least 10 million active credit cards (all having a single billing cycle, i.e. all end-of-month processing for them occurring on one day). Six months worth of live transaction data and associated batch procedures as ran by the issuers during the course of production use were thoroughly emulated for this test. The system contained ten different types of revolving credit card products (in TranzWare CMS notation - contracts) with each contract generating four card transactions with issuer fees and commission calculation using different algorithms, one credit repayment transaction, two contract settlement operations on Due Day and Statement Day – all taking place monthly during the 6 month period. In addition, the system was tested using different sets of data (for example, overdue/non-overdue accounts, active/blocked cards, etc).

For the purpose of TranzWare Online stress testing, a test processing system containing a database of 100 million customers, accounts and cards respectively was created. Several application servers were used to simulate up to 54,000 terminals connected via different protocols per each device type (15,000 ATMs, 39,000 POS). The transactions tested included ATM transactions (Cash Withdrawal – 85% and Balance Inquiry – 15%) and POS Purchase transactions. All terminals worked in full emulation mode with limit checks, commission calculations, performance of full authorisation in Stand-in mode, authentication of cardholders, etc; also all ATMs were monitored by the system in full online mode.

Under the conditions of real life production use testing, 460 TPS were achieved with the average authorisation time in system peak load of 5 seconds for the POS transactions and 2 seconds for the ATM transactions. The maximum number of logical transactions achieved was 6,000 TPS. During the test no deviations in the system performance were recorded and the result unequivocally proved that the TranzWare payment solution has the capability to run on the Linux for System z environment, using Oracle Database Server 10.

Employing the methodology of stress testing the system by modeling real life production use as opposed to straightforward transaction switching is, in many respects, unique and is only performed by a handful vendors. However, this is the only true test that expressly shows how the system will fare in a real life situation.

Compass Plus and the IBM team were also able to run several tests with different volumes of issuing and acquiring data, which showed how the system behaves in various situations. This is especially useful in project management whereby Compass Plus will be able to better forecast server hardware requirements thus, saving costs for the new customers that state their business plans over the next few years.

Olga Demina, the Senior Vice President, CBDO & Global Sales Director of Compass Plus said of the project: “Banking and payment industries are being driven by customer expectations, tough competition and tightening regulations to provide impeccable and secure service 24x7 365 days a year - this doesn't come cheap or easy and requires enterprise-grade solutions to deliver at the appropriate level. We trust System z is the solution for such challenges. The benchmark has demonstrated that System z not only is a good choice for large scale credit card issuers, but it may be the only choice out there for the largest of them. We believe this benchmark to be crucial for our existing large scale customers who are considering platform upgrades to support their business in the future at the necessary performance level without any sacrifices of manageability and security.”

The level of professionalism offered by the Montpellier PSSC Competency Center team during the benchmark and the analysis provided afterwards will enable Compass Plus to improve the system further and extend the performance record set this time by a fair margin. Building on the success achieved in this project, Compass Plus is planning to engage the same methodology in testing the new products of other leading vendors in the market.

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