Lytix Adds Richards to Advisory Board

13 July 2010

Next Generation of Network-Oriented Data Management & Analytics Enters Data Management Space

Lytix has announced the addition of Dale Richards to its Board of Advisors, signaling an accelerated move into financial data management. Lytix delivers scalable, high-performance technology to analyze financial networks. With patented solutions for analyzing and visualizing large datasets of corporate networks, Lytix provides technology to model and analyze complex interrelationships applications such as counterparty credit risk, investment analysis and due diligence, and systemic risk.

Lytix is headed by founder John Fleming, who conceptualized the company while wrestling with complex, opaque networks while in emerging markets private equity at the Capital Group. The founding team includes Carnegie Mellon research scientists and engineers who have built sophisticated, large-scale technology systems at both major multinationals and start-ups.

Lytix software represents a new paradigm that models multi-dimensional corporate connections as a network, not as a traditional hierarchy. The technology integrates data from different knowledge repositories using different ontologies and a flexible data model to create an evolving network structure. The framework combines technologies from the semantic web, graph theory, distributed computing and visualization, and is infused with financial markets expertise.

John Fleming, CEO comments, “We are very pleased to have Dale join our advisory board. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and creative ideas that dovetail exceptionally well with our technology.” Dale has spent more than 20 years in the information industry, enterprise data management and financial analytics with Algorithmics, Reuters, Interactive Data, FAME and SunGard. He is President of First Derivatives, on the board of LakeFront Data Ventures, and a founding member of the Enterprise Data Management Council.

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