US bank sues Google after email error

22 September 2009

A bank in the US is suing Google after mistakenly sending sensitive customer information to the wrong Gmail account.

The Rocky Mountain Bank, based in Montana, is taking legal action after the internet company said it would not reveal the identity of the account holder without a court order.

An employee at the bank was asked by a customer to send financial data to a third-party representative last month, court documents showed, however, the statements were delivered to the wrong email address.

After failing in attempts to recall the message, the individual attempted to contact the recipient of the email, asking them to delete it and get in touch with the bank.

It received no reply and has now taken Google to court, however, the bank has been unsuccessful in a bid to get the case sealed until a decision has been reached in order to prevent panic among other customers.

Rocky Mountain Bank has nine offices throughout Montana and holds assets worth in excess of $480 million.

Written by Claire Archer

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