Aleri Integrates Windows Hpc Server 2008 to Enable Smart Computing Grid Services

Chicago - 5 May 2009

Aleri Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology and CEP-based solutions, today announced that it has integrated its Coral8 CEP engine with Microsoft's Windows HPC Server 2008 for implementation of smart grid computing services and high performance complex analytics. The combination of the Coral8 engine and Windows HPC Server 2008 provide sophisticated real-time analytics and smart usage of GRID services in order to provide better decision making capabilities in complex areas such as risk management.

"By integrating with Windows HPC Server 2008 we can provide our customers with an efficient way to perform complex tasks, beyond organizational boundaries," said John Morrell VP of Marketing at Aleri.
"Integrating CEP capabilities with high-performance computing services will help our customers improve competitiveness by developing services that bring Continuous Intelligence capabilities for better insight into market and risk conditions."

The Coral8 engine acts as the intelligent front-end real-time analytical service, looking for "conditions" which require more sophisticated analytical computations/simulations that require the Microsoft HPC Grid.
Once the Coral8 engine recognizes conditions it will pass the data via the C8E HPC output adapter to the Windows HPC Server 2008 which will perform the GRID computations and analysis. Windows HPC Server 2008 then passes the data back to the Coral8 engine via the C8E HPC input adapter, and Coral8 makes further analytic decisions based on delivered results.

"Windows HPC Server 2008 lets firms analyze and run simulation models on complex financial instruments and portfolios, price options, detect fraud, and predict currency shifts. Companies can analyze risk across portfolios as well as the enterprise, and enable quantitative analysts, and allows traders and portfolio managers to understand the relationship between risks and profitability," said Vince Mendillo director of HPC marketing at Microsoft. "By integrating CEP capabilities, firms are able to achieve powerful analytics for even better decision making."

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