Viteos Deploys VEDA First Complete Suite of Investor Services in One Application

Somerset, NJ - 5 May 2009

Viteos Fund Services, a leading global hedge fund administrator and outsourcing service provider, today announced it continues to respond to turbulent times by providing fund and traditional asset managers with advanced solutions designed for them to better service end investors. Today the firm has released the first complete suite of investor services delivered in one application, VEDAâ„¢.

VEDA is an integrated investor processing and economic distribution system with superior features for treasury and client relationship management. It enables integrated relationship management and manages the entire investor servicing process through investor reporting. It responds to the increasing demands for accountability and the increasing frustration with “lags” by fund investors.

Taken from the Sanskrit for “knowledge and “seeing” it is an acronym for The Viteos Economic Distribution Application. Viteos has selected this term for because once VEDA is deployed, funds are able to have their clients "know" and "see" all investor services in one application. Knowledge and seeing become combined and are easily deployed. Patchwork solutions are scrapped and are replaced by one integrated solution. It is example that is both indicative and representative of the Viteos approach and the trend to which investors are moving.

End investors increasingly look for greater information from fund managers. While it may seem self-evident that administrators are offering services to funds that are seemingly the same, it is now incumbent upon funds to dig deeper and to look at the internal operations and infrastructure that the administrator deploys in backing services to funds. That must affect the decision process because it can provide comfort to a manager’s end investors. VEDA is the internal engine that Viteos uses to service its fund clients.

Viteos has consistently argued that a client service model backed by the most advanced technology and infrastructure will result in the greatest transparency, accuracy, cost-effectiveness and reliability for fund managers. To that end Viteos has designed its internal tools to achieve this goal. As Viteos uses its VEDA system internally, fund managers and their end clients have a one-stop solution for all investor services.

Using VEDA funds will find that the integrated solution provides:

o Subscription, Redemption, Treasury and KYC processing
o Complete support for any type of fund structure (master, feeder, class, series, FOF, Side pockets etc.)
o Flexibility to use a single solution across several fund families and their inherent complexities
o The ability to handle complex fund / fee structures
o A single repository of ALL shareholder information
o Built in checks and balances
o Customizable reporting and automated report scheduling & dissemination
o Ability to handle ERISA requirements
o Designed to manage corporate investors, individuals, NPOs, Partnerships, pension funds, trusts etc.

Said Chitra Baskar, Viteos COO: “Fund managers are now under regulatory and investor scrutiny in a harder competitive environment. The ability to use technology for productivity gains and to respond to increased investor demand for both timeliness and transparency has become an enormous responsibility and challenge. We have designed VEDA to meet those needs and we believe it will address a big void in the market place in addressing economic allocation and share and partnerhip accounting needs .”

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