Tervela Announces Industry’s First Real-Time Guaranteed Messaging Service

New York, NY - 27 May 2009

Tervela, the leading provider of open, intelligent, hardware-accelerated messaging systems, today announced the availability of version 4.0 of its Tervela Message Network™ platform. This release introduces real-time guaranteed message delivery service levels on Tervela’s core platform giving financial firms and other data-intensive organizations a level of operation that is unavailable in any other middleware solution.

Tervela’s guaranteed messaging service fully utilizes its patent-pending, hardware-accelerated functionality that allows guaranteed performance to scale to millions of messages per second while delivering sub-100 microsecond average latency. It seamlessly integrates Tervela’s TMX Message Switch and TPE Persistence Engine product lines to ensure unprecedented capabilities for this class of service.

“Guaranteed messaging has been an enterprise oxymoron and a performance albatross for a decade,” said
J. Barry Thompson, CEO of Tervela. “We are leveraging the architectural transformation that only Tervela’s hardware-accelerated messaging products provide, enabling us to seamlessly deliver unsurpassed performance and functionality across all of our qualities of service. We’re not talking slow, reliable messaging; we’re talking unmatched, guaranteed messaging without compromise.”

Key features of the guaranteed messaging service are as follows –
• Delivery Assurance
A robust and well-architected messaging framework makes certain that information flow is one-hundred percent preserved regardless of external connectivity and continuity issues.
• Performance Continuity
Data that requires a guaranteed service level takes the same hardware-accelerated path for high-performance, low-latency message flow.
• Enterprise Scale
Distributed and additive persistence complement a scalable, high-availability messaging fabric that efficiently serves both the workgroup and the entire enterprise.

“Over the years, financial services firms designed complex and fragile systems in order to provide users with a requisite level of guaranteed information delivery. This often had an operational impact on messaging systems, which introduced risk into the overall trading equation,” said Paolo Pelizzoli, independent messaging consultant and former CTO of TIBCO. “Natively integrating assurance capabilities into a unified messaging fabric not only yields critical performance benefits, but mitigates the challenge of managing disparate service levels across the entire operational spectrum.”

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