BAXTER Financial Services Announce Enhancements to Their Algorithmic Trading Services

Dublin - 26 May 2009

BAXTER Financial Services Ltd, a leading provider of FX Solutions today announced it is now offering FX customers Programming Classes and a Software Development Kit (SDK) for its Algorithmic Trading Platform.

These new services are in addition to BAXTER’s traditional ECN, FX Prime Brokerage and FIX Gateway services already in use by Algorithmic Traders, Retail Brokerages, Hedge Funds and other high-volume Traders.

BAXTER’s Algorithmic Trading Platform provides the latest CEP high-frequency technologies, collocated with BAXTER’s ECN for the lowest latencies possible, direct multi-venue routing (Currenex, Hotspot, EBS, etc.) along with highly-competitive FX commissions via FX Clearing 2.0 BAXTER’s Prime Brokerage service.

New and existing Algorithmic Traders can get started with:
• The SDK (Software Development Kit) allows Java or C/C++ programmers to develop trading algorithms on their own computer equipment
• Algorithmic Trading Classes - a week long in-depth hands-on class covering development, backtesting, running and post-trade analysis. The class includes programming issues related to different order types, multi-venue aggregation and routing, trading risks and other Algo coding issues. Also included with the class is a test account on a super computer for optimisation and multi-year backtesting and a demo account for live test trading. The Class also covers live monitoring of real algos and post-trade analysis methods.

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