Iliad Solutions announces benchmarking service for payments systems

22 May 2009

Iliad Solutions Limited a leading supplier of advanced testing products and consultancy services for the card processing and payments industry, today announced the launch of its t3-FasTest Benchmarking Service, a package of software and consultancy support to allow banks and retailers to performance and stress test their payments infrastructures.

t3-FasTest Benchmark allows Retailers, Banks and processors to load-test and analyse their infrastructure at high volumes with a full range of simulated transactions from POS / ATM devices, payments schemes and other transaction sources, such as Faster Payments and SEPA, to ensure that capacity and growth plans can be accommodated within their payments infrastructure.

"The consolidation within the banking sector and the acquisitive nature of many banking and retail organisations means that core legacy systems are being modified to support additional channels and devices, often generating millions of new transactions and subsequently stressing centralised systems way in excess of their original remit” Said Anthony Walton, Managing Director, Iliad Solutions Ltd. “t3 FasTest Benchmark is a combination of product, methodology and consultancy support which allows banks and retailers to be confident that they will not be exposed or compromised in a live environment by additional demands on their systems”

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