Xcel Energy successfully completes the initial phase of implementation on FARRMS EmissionsTracker to manage Emissions accounting

Denver, CO - 14 May 2009

Pioneer Solutions LLC is pleased to announce that Xcel Energy has successfully completed the initial phase of implementation on FARRMS EmissionsTracker. The EmissionTracker software product is being used by Xcel to calculate and manage its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Carbon (CO2) footprint. Xcel Energy plans to use the EmissionsTracker product initially for inventory tracking, management and GHG compliance reporting for Xcel Energy’s four operating companies: Northern States Power Company Minnesota (NSP-Minnesota), Northern States Power Company Wisconsin (NSP-Wisconsin), Southwestern Public Service Co (SPS) and Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo). Secondary phases of the EmissionsTracker rollout will incorporate other emissions or pollutants within the same platform.

EmissionsTracker provides a comprehensive solution that automates end-to-end emissions tracking and management processes. EmissionsTracker is an integrated Emissions management software package designed to support enterprise-wide inventory tracking, trading and compliance. EmissionsTracker supports comprehensive environmental products including Greenhouse Gases (GHG), emissions reduction credits, CO2 offsets, CO2 credits, SO2, NOx, RECs, and Kyoto Protocol defined products such as CER, ERU and VER. EmissionsTracker is powered by Financial and Regulatory Risk Management System (FARRMS) that provide a leading edge integrated platform for mitigating financial and regulatory risks.

Minneapolis-based Xcel Energy, a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company with regulated operations in eight Western and Midwestern states, is a leader in environmental stewardship and has a diverse complex energy portfolio that also includes renewable resources. Xcel Energy meets all regulatory and emissions requirements, then exceeds them with voluntary emission reductions by participating in REC and other reduction programs and markets. Xcel Energy will use EmissionsTracker to capture and manage enterprise-wide GHG and reductions.

“Environmental leadership is a fundamental value at Xcel Energy and it’s a commitment we make to reduce our environmental impact when possible,” said Michael Lamb, Xcel Energy Managing Director of IT Operations and Strategy of Business Systems. “We are pleased that this software package will meet our current requirements and prepare us for future pending GHG legislation.”

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