FAST Supports French Online Copyright Bill

15 May 2009

FAST, The Federation Against Software Theft, today backs the French government’s stance on internet copyright infringement. The bill passed by 296 to 233 in the National Assembly with the support of President Sarkozy.

John Lovelock, Chief Executive, FAST, stated: “If people abuse the internet they deserve to have their use of the service restricted, it’s quite simple. The example set by France is extremely positive and proves to the ISPs in this country that with their support, positive steps can be taken to reduce piracy and safeguard the intellectual property of software developers and other digital creative workers. We all have to work together to bring some respect for law to the internet so that our creative economy can flourish and remain one of the UK’s leading sectors, with all the benefits that brings.”

FAST supports the sensible policing of internet use where users have demonstrated flagrant disregard for the law.

Lovelock concludes, “As long as the process is fair, transparent and targets the hard core minority of internet users who exploit stolen goods, FAST would be happy to back a similar scheme in the UK. Research by legal firm Wiggin demonstrated that 66% of file-sharers would stop if they were made aware of the illegality of their actions. It’s clear that not all offenders will risk tangling with the law.”

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