EGAR Limits Manager: New Functionality

15 May 2009

EGAR Technology Inc. has extended the functionality of its market and credit risk limits management solution – EGAR Limits Manager meant for banks and financial organizations.

In the frame of the latest modification of the system EGAR specialists carried out several enhancements increasing the software usability. The system was extended with several new types of limits and limits processing schemes, particularly – the ability to specify one of several computing methods for position limits. That helps to improve the quality of assets control for the accounting reports. Other enhancements concerned limits monitoring opportunities: the new fields added to the audit log provide users with extra information about limit events. A new algorithm was added to the processing of transactions with limits violations and authorisation queue.

EGAR Limits Manager is a state-of-the-art system for the management of market and credit risk limits across many trading desks and instruments in real-time. It serves as a consolidated repository of all information necessary for risk evaluation, supporting the on-the-fly control of all limits. EGAR LM supports all types of trading transactions, including investment and credit operations, as well as the real-time processing of information on security agreements, account balances, counterparts and market instruments, and the analysis of historical data (history of transactions and market changes). The flexibility and highly configurable technology of the system enables an institution to establish any necessary business process of limits control required.

Limits Manager can be integrated with any systems to import/export information on transactions, statuses of transaction processing, collateral, accounts, etc. The technology of the system enables it to easily establish an interface with other systems, i.e. it can be configured as a module within FOCUS-SQL or integrated into your existing trading/risk management systems.

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