SLIB deploys the latest version of SLIB OMS

Paris - 14 May 2009

SLIB releases the latest version of its Order Management System: SLIB OMS V3. This solution is already implemented at a first customer and raises a lot of interest among numerous other SLIB’s customers.

The functional and technical innovations brought by this major release are many:

 The introduction of a comprehensive dashboard displaying real-time statistics and alerts based on the total order flow, immediately highlighting transactions requiring exception handling. This enables users to concentrate on these exceptions only; their priority being to handle the alerts and repair. This real time monitor thus reduces the manual work involved and grants the users more time to dedicate to their core business.
 SLIB OMS now processes incoming and outgoing orders in FIX format and subsequently enriches its capacity of routing orders to new markets such as Chi-X. The multi-markets architecture of SLIB OMS makes it easy to plug-in new markets connectors, according to the needs and requests of SLIB’s customers, offering them an easier access to new liquidity pools.
 The enrichment of the filtering and routing matrices with flexible rules and customizable parameters that reflect each customer’s preferences and policy. The filtering logics analyze whether the order is receivable or not according to the rules defined by each institution. The routing matrix then determines which market connector and which qualification is best suitable for each order. This brings more flexibility and autonomy in the management of the customer orders: every customer of SLIB can define and adapt filters. It is also possible afterwards to integrate a Smart Order Routing System.
 The use of the Eclipse RCP technology: SLIB OMS now features an enriched user interface, fully integrated into Windows. This "Rich Client” interface provides the user with wide possibilities of customization and a clearer overview. It communicates via a JMS message bus (Java Messaging Service) that, besides the fact of being based on a widely-spread standard - guaranteeing its evolution and opening capacities- allows real-time exchanges with the external systems.

Bernard Tardy, Director of Sales and Marketing and Marketing at SLIB, comments:

“This new version of SLIB OMS brings numerous innovations, both on the technological and on the functional sides and perfectly illustrates the new momentum thrusting the SLIB product offer. SLIB OMS offers to our customers a natural opening, a better user-friendliness, more flexibility, a wider access to liquidity and constitutes a more effective user workstation. These assets make of SLIB OMS an excellent platform for the sell-side, in particular to facilitate the management of retail orders. On the other hand, coupled with SLIB latest solution SLIB Portfolio Manager, it also offers to the buy-side specialists a scalable platform and high value-added functions, such as STP for orders processing.”

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