SunGard Launches Investran CRM

New York - 13 May 2009

SunGard has launched Investran CRM, a Web-based customer relationship management solution designed for private equity and other alternative asset managers. Integrated with SunGard’s Investran Accounting, a portfolio and investor accounting and private equity fund administration solution, Investran CRM helps organizations effectively and efficiently attract, service and grow client relationships while helping decrease operational risk. The launch comes with the release of the latest version of Investran 6.0.

Through the integration with Investran Accounting, Investran CRM also helps unify front-, middle- and back-office operations and simplify workflows between teams. The solution provides users with timely access to investor, investment and fund information, including transactional data that feeds capital accounts, schedules of investments and portfolio returns. Access is provided through a browser-based front-end. This increased visibility helps to both improve operational efficiency and decrease operational risk by providing users with detailed reports without burdening back-office teams, and by eliminating the need for redundant data entry, transfer or reconciliation between disparate systems. The integration also allows users to leverage real-time accounting data to produce on-demand performance reports – IRR’s and time-weighted returns – helping provide faster responses to incoming investor inquiries.

In the front-office, Investran CRM facilitates investor communications, deal and pipeline management, and activity tracking and reporting. The solution offers a flexible, intuitive user interface, the ability to assign customized business rules, 360 degree relationship management capabilities and search tools. This gives users control over how data is viewed, captured and reported, enhancing the overall user experience and helping increase productivity. Investran CRM is available as both a hosted or locally-installed application. Investran CRM is deployed via SunGard’s Infinity* platform as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

Jose Sinai, president of SunGard’s Investran business unit, commented: “The launch of Investran CRM demonstrates our commitment to supporting customers’ changing needs, and helping them simplify and streamline operations. It is important for firms to reduce cost and complexity wherever they can, focusing resources on investors’ needs and on building and maintaining client relationships. By bringing front-, middle- and back-office users together, Investran provides a common frame of reference for all users to communicate with each other, their investors and their investments.”

* SunGard Financial Systems is pursuing a visionary initiative to transform some of the key functionality of its core systems into components to form a new software development and on-demand delivery environment called Infinity. Infinity helps enable financial institutions to develop and deploy custom applications, integrating SunGard components with their own proprietary or third party components. Infinity uses SunGard's Common Services Architecture (CSA), a service-oriented architecture (SOA) development framework, offering business process management (BPM) and a virtualized, software-as-a-service (SaaS) infrastructure.

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