Sybase Adds Time Series Analytics to Its Capital Markets Platform

dublin,CA - 12 May 2009

Sybase, Inc. (NYSE:SY), an industry leader in delivering enterprise and mobile software, today announced the launch of RAP – The Trading Edition™ Enterprise with built-in time series analytics. Sybase RAP is now the only solution to comprise built-in time series analytics, a market data platform, ultra low latency, and streaming data analytics in a single product — an enhancement to the very successful market analytics platform that is already helping dozens of capital markets firms make better trading and portfolio decisions across their trade lifecycle.

The addition of high performance time series analytics to RAP – The Trading Edition Enterprise makes developing risk and trading models quicker and easier with faster, deeper time-series analysis of financial data.

“In a volatile trading environment, the ability to analyze time series market data both historically and in real time gives financial services organizations an edge,” said Larry Tabb, CEO, TABB Group. “Capital markets firms can identify material events and mitigate risks or seize opportunities ahead of the rest of the market by using strong time series analytical toolboxes.”

The new time series analytics capability allows more complex modeling, improved backtesting, and faster intra-day risk and compliance reporting — and the ability to do all this with a single platform eliminates the challenges inherent in integrating multiple vendor solutions. RAP is the only available platform offering ultra-low latency time series analytics and the ability to perform time series analysis over decades of market data. Additionally, Sybase RAP allows customers to supplement the built-in models with their own in-house developed models, share models between team members, and ensure consistency in the processing of data, by executing commonly used data preparation functions in Sybase RAP.

“Current market conditions require better trend analysis and predictive modeling for trading decision and risk management, especially counterparty risk analysis,” said Dr. Raj Nathan, Chief Marketing Officer at Sybase. “Sybase RAP with the new time series analytics built in allows for better, faster market and risk analysis. Sybase now offers the only complete market data analytics platform that can scale to the enterprise.”

Faster and more complex analysis of recent and historical data can lead to more sophisticated trading strategies. By using real-time backtesting of models against a complete price and tick data history, firms can improve the reliability of their models and better mitigate risk. Sybase RAP with built-in time series analytics offers more rapid calculations on economic capital and credit risk (i.e. default rates, potential exposures) using complete time series covering decades of securities pricing and volatility data. Time series functionality is important to market data analytics because it enhances the modeling of risk and trading strategies. RAP is a strategic market data platform to consolidate and centralize market data management.

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