Lync.NET Announces the Release of PackMan 2009

12 May 2009

Lync.NET, the leading provider of content preparation and client distribution technology, announced the release of PackMan 2009 with a suite of new features to simplify the process of automating client packages.

PackMan 2009 completely automates the process of producing and distributing client and third party content packages such as quarterly statements or daily reports, thereby allowing financial services firms to produce and distribute any content package at the touch of a button for any number of recipients. In PackMan 2009, each content package may contain Microsoft Office documents, mail merge documents sourcing leading CRM system data such as SatuitCRM or ProTracker Advantage®, and any combination of reports and documents from Advent APX®, Advent Axys®, Schwab Portfolio Center® or other portfolio management systems. PackMan 2009 users can also include documents from leading general ledger accounting systems such as MAS90 or Intuit QuickBooks, third party research firms or custodians. Additionally, with the groundbreaking Global Document SearchTM module, PackMan will search folders and pull information for criteria you specify or holdings of the account.

Set up content packages once, and PackMan 2009 automates the production and distribution for every client content package, whether that be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, to paper, secure email or secure web posting.

“SatuitCRM introduced us to PackMan 2009 to meet our specific internal mailing requirements,” said Ashley Sakmar, Investor Relations Assistant for ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC. “Before implementing PackMan, we spent about 4 days manually preparing content packages for about 500+ recipients. Now we complete that same process in a half day and distribute packages to clients via SecurePDF, eliminating overnight mailing costs.”

SecurePDF TM and WebReps 2009TM are two electronic distribution modules developed by Lync.NET to be compatible with PackMan. With SecurePDF, client content packages are sent to each client via email with password protected access to the PDF document.

WebReps 2009 is a secure, web based client & third party content distribution solution. Once the content package is completed in PackMan, the click of a button will deliver it to the secure WebReps server for immediate access. WebReps 2009 is a software service with no additional hardware or programming needed to implement. Additionally, financial service firms can easily integrate WebReps into their existing web site and modify the appearance to match their corporate branding. WebReps is seamless, secure and easy to use for administrators and clients.

“In today’s market, Financial Services Professionals are stretched thinner than ever as they spend more time reassuring clients about their financial positions,” said Chris Casey, President and CEO of Lync.NET. “Along with being stretched for time, many are experiencing shrinking revenues as well. PackMan 2009 is a system that will help firms save time and provide better customer service simultaneously.”

In addition to PackMan 2009 and WebReps, Lync.NET offers other technology and service solutions for financial services firms in wealth, asset, hedge fund, and family office management to effectively and efficiently run their business. Implementing content packaging and client distribution software, such as PackMan 2009 and WebReps 2009, can save both time and money for investment firms. This allows financial services firms to spend more time with clients and garnering new business while reducing overhead expenses.

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