Misys Credit Risk Vantage unveiled as latest solution in Misys’ expanding Risk Management portfolio

5 June 2009

Misys plc (FTSE: MSY.L), the global application software and services company, today at the Risk Europe annual conference in Frankfurt launched Misys Credit Risk Vantage, the latest credit risk offering from the portfolio of Risk solutions offered from Misys. The solution was initially developed as a new component for Misys Risk Vision to provide additional key credit risk modeling functionality to that already offered from Misys Risk Vision. Misys Credit Risk Vantage brings financial institutions an additional straightforward model to reduce parameter uncertainty within their business.

Misys Credit Risk Vantage is available both as a standalone solution as well as integrated with other Misys solutions to give customers a simple auditable actuarial model which can interoperate with other systems, offering the customer much more choice to measure and manage portfolio risk.

“We have developed Misys Credit Risk Vantage in response to customer requirements to have more than one way of modelling Risk, taking into account the balance that is needed between speed and accuracy,” comments David Stewart of the Misys Risk Group. “They frequently are hampered with not accurate enough views of their total exposure - The new solution provides them with this benefit.”

This is the latest development in Misys’ long history of providing risk management products and services which bring value to its customers. “The knowledge and skills we have honed over the last two decades through providing our customers with world-class risk solutions, has enabled us to bring this latest product to market very quickly,” adds Stewart.

“Our customers have charged us with developing the next era of risk management solutions to help them cope with the rapidly changing landscape in which they operate, which we have been able to do. Where financial institutions in the recent past could manage risk in separate silos, the global economic crisis has exposed the limitations of this practice. Everyone needs a much more consolidated view of all risk within their operations, in particular around limits management and across multiple asset classes. We have brought the best components of our Risk solutions together so that we can provide them with better overall visibility across the enterprise and the transparency to make calculations and decisions in real time.”

The Misys Risk Group operates to provide ways to readily enhance and optimise the solutions provided from the Risk solutions including Misys Risk Vision, Opics Risk Plus, Summit Risk, Eagleye, Risk IQ and Almonde, solutions that cater for every risk need in a financial institution. The Misys Risk Group has capitalised on the flexibility within Risk Vision to build additional risk components once and deploy them multiple times throughout all its solutions.

Cubillas Ding, Senior Analyst at Celent, comments, “There is a significant shift towards more consistency in firm-wide efforts to proactively measure, monitor and control risks in tandem rather than in parts, which is not surprising given the learnings from recent crisis events. However, for most organisations, a radical overhaul of risk systems is not likely to be either realistic or cost-effective. Hence, we are seeing more firms utilising component-based approaches as a starting point to facilitate a consolidated view of exposures, and to enable the incremental development of new capabilities.”

As one of the key solutions of the Misys Risk Group, Risk Vision is a functionally advanced system delivering risk measurement for the banking and trading book, stress testing, advanced risk modelling and real-time risk control via the highly flexible and advanced “Exposure and Limit Management” module; which is fully integrated with the risk calculation engine at enterprise and departmental level. Risk Vision takes into account the interactions between market and credit risk, it has advanced pattern analysis techniques to identify patterns of stress and the capture of tail dependencies with a view to the modelling of credit derivatives and the measurement and management of contagion.

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