StreamBase Connects to Twitter

New York, NY - 24 June 2009

StreamBase Systems, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology for Capital Markets and the Intelligence Community has announced that they have released connectivity to the Twitter social networking site.

StreamBase’s Twitter adapter allows StreamBase applications to both ingest “Tweets” and to send out “Tweets” into the Twitter-sphere. StreamBase has developed the Twitter connectivity for a number of undisclosed clients.

StreamBase is a CEP software development and deployment platform that allows applications to ingest, analyze and act on real-time events. Now, both inbound and outbound Twitter messages can be event sources. StreamBase does all this with ultra-low-latency and tremendous scalability – with an estimated 2 million twitter messages being transmitted a day, you need the kind of performance and scale that a CEP platform provides to process the load.

“Twitter is an amazing phenomenon. While its use for business has been limited, some firms are beginning to think of Twitter as a news feed and trying to develop alpha seeking Twitter strategies. So the question is, is or should Twitter be seen as a news source and what does that mean for news and content providers?” said Larry Tabb, CEO and Founder of the TABB Group.

Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase said “We’re seeing business applications that ingest Twitter message content, frequency, patterns, hashtag use, and so on, and then transmit Twitter messages. For example, trading systems or operations support can use Twitter direct messaging to alert users of trading opportunities or system problems. Systems can also use Twitter messages to assess economic sentiment in real-time for trading systems, or marketing analytics, through monitoring news headlines and popular sentiment transmitted via Twitter. And we’ve even seen interest from the government and security industries for in-bound Twitter message processing.”

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