SpryWare Achieves 63 Microseconds Latency on the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Platform

Chicago, IL - 23 June 2009

SpryWare, a technology provider of standardized market data via direct exchange feeds, today released its latest ticker plant latency report, resulting in an average latency of just 63 microseconds (µs). The extremely low latency was run in an end-to-end test from financial exchange feed to client application. The test was performed using a live OPRA feed from its 48 data channels during market hours on June 9, 2009, on just a single Microsoft Windows 2008 server.

The test results set a new standard in low latency and throughput using standard hardware and out-of-the-box software from Microsoft. SpryWare has been working closely with Microsoft’s Capital Markets Industry Solutions Group to optimize low-latency feeds on Microsoft servers, and these latest results demonstrate that capital markets firms can standardize on Windows and achieve uncompromising performance.

“In this economic environment, Wall Street firms are faced with the difficult proposition of cutting IT costs, while still demanding greater performance,” said Craig Saint-Amour, Capital Markets Industry Solutions Director, Microsoft Corp. “SpryWare has demonstrated that firms can achieve both – impressive low-latency performance and the benefits of Microsoft’s familiar, easy-to-use and widely supported Windows platform.”

For the test SpryWare used a single server with 2 Intel Xeon X5570 processors with 4 cores each. Running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2 Standard Edition x64, the server showed only 28.53 percent CPU utilization at 890,712 OPRA messages per second (fully arbitrated for an aggregate 1,781,424). A total of 27,994,860 OPRA samples were taken during heavy trading morning hours.

“The results are very encouraging from several perspectives,” said Daniel May, director and co-founder of SpryWare. “We are very excited about the low latency numbers, of course, but we’re also seeing more and more customers who want to streamline their data centers and server installations and not just throw more hardware at the growing trading volumes. These recent test results show you can do both – achieve low latency and high capacity on a small hardware footprint. In fact, in this case, we’re running the entire OPRA feed on a single box.”

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