Bowne Launches Two New Compliance Software Solutions for Hedge Funds

New York, NY - 2 June 2009

Bowne & Co., Inc. (NYSE: BNE), a global leader in shareholder and marketing communications, today announced it has signed a strategic alliance to offer Bowne ComplianceTrakâ„¢ and Bowne Form SH Generatorâ„¢, two new compliance solutions for hedge funds and other registered investment advisers. Both ComplianceTrak and Form SH Generator are powered by HedgeOp Complianceâ„¢, a leading provider of specialized compliance software and consulting services for alternative asset managers.

Bowne ComplianceTrak software is an integrated compliance tracking, monitoring and reporting system specifically designed to meet the needs of hedge fund professionals. Internal controls are playing a more significant role in funds’ daily operations, and greater importance is being placed on compliance policies and procedures. Clients are in need of comprehensive, reliable and effective solutions. Bowne ComplianceTrak enables both SEC-registered and unregistered hedge funds to build a solid foundation for their compliance programs and quickly identify potential compliance issues. ComplianceTrak is also integrated with Bowne Form SH Generator, enabling fund administrators using ComplianceTrak software to transition seamlessly to the Form SH reporting process.

Bowne Form SH Generator is a tool for hedge funds to efficiently and cost effectively meet new Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reporting requirements for short sales, reducing the amount of time spent on these tasks by 75% or more. “Bowne Form SH Generator is a huge time-saver for hedge funds and other institutional investment managers,” said Bill Penders, President of Bowne. “It takes a three or four hour process, and completes it – with great accuracy – in a matter of seconds.” Bowne and HedgeOp Compliance, which entered into a strategic alliance in May, plan to enhance the capabilities of their compliance offerings for hedge funds and other registered investment advisers, and future versions will assist clients with other filing requirements. Bowne ComplianceTrak and Bowne Form SH Generator provide clients with new capabilities at the front-end of the reporting process that will be integrated with Bowne’s filing, content management, composition, print and distribution capabilities. Hedge funds are now afforded a comprehensive solution that spans the entire compliance and reporting process. Additionally, Bowne’s capabilities can be leveraged to repurpose funds’ financial reporting information for use in sales and marketing collateral.

“For investment managers, building a culture of compliance is not only a must from a regulatory perspective in this new world, it’s also a smart business decision that will show investors and potential investors that a – more – manager is running a high-quality, responsible organization. The Bowne ComplianceTrak and Form SH offerings will provide Bowne clients with automated, efficient and cost-effective tools to strengthen their businesses and help them attract assets,” said Bill Mulligan, CEO of HedgeOp. “Increased government regulation of hedge funds and other institutional investors seems inevitable,” added Mr. Penders. “Not only does our strategic alliance with HedgeOp enable Bowne to help registered investment advisers most effectively manage their compliance programs and fulfill Form SH requirements, we now have the service offerings in place to assist with new regulations that are enacted with great speed and agility. Our clients can rest assured that whatever new requirements emerge, Bowne will be ready to meet their needs.”

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