BWise and Tauw Offer Joint Services

New York, NY - 7 July 2009

BWise software solutions and Tauw Group, engineers and consultants specializing in the improvement and management of the natural environment, announced today their partnership to bring joint services to the market. By joining forces, Tauw Group and BWise can help organizations realize better Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) risk and compliance management. BWise has hundreds of global customers who rely on its solution for their GRC challenges. Tauw Group complements BWise with their decades of expertise in HSE due diligence and compliance management.

Climate change, community health, environmental pollution and scarcity of natural resources are among the most pressing issues of our time. As a result, enterprises must provide accountability and transparency to regulatory authorities and stakeholders. HSE compliance require thorough auditing, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. The combined offering of BWise and Tauw represents a visionary total solution for HSE compliance and risk management.

Pieter Heinstra of Tauw Group Corporate Services said, “An enterprise with multiple production sites faces challenges such as having all of its HSE permits and licenses in place, in addition to compliance with all of the appropriate environmental obligations laid down before them. Tauw Group has developed with BWise a unique HSE compliance template. The template supplies a complete HSE risk register with built in questionnaires that can be used to audit enterprises on HSE obligations. Tauw also offers the technical skills to help enterprises not only in auditing their HSE compliance, but also to scope out the business consequences of HSE risks.”

According to Robert Pijselman, CEO of BWise, “We see companies struggle to make sure on multiple levels; corporate, continental and on site, that it and its personnel are fully informed of its environmental and safety regulations, and whether it is compliant with these complex regulations. With the BWise platform, an organization can gather all of its risk and compliance related information and filter this up to the corporate level. Tauw Group is the expert to support enterprises to develop a HSE risk and compliance management framework. We are proud of this partnership with Tauw. The partnership gives us the opportunity to offer customers an even broader GRC platform.”

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