Next development of the the Anti-Finance Crime Suite

Stuttgart - 7 July 2009

With its new SMARAGD Anti-Finance Crime Suite, Cellent Finance Solutions AG has bundled the solutions from the SMARAGD product family into an integrated, all-in-one package for combating financial crime. This new development was realized in line with international standards and European legislation on the basis of an holistic, risk-based approach. A new, stan-dardized and internationally viable name assures the concise-ness and distinguishability of the individual products. The prod-uct suite currently comprises six solutions for combating differ-ent aspects of financial crime such as money laundering, financ-ing of terrorism and insider trading at financial service providers and insurance companies. The new systems have already been successfully rolled out at major international banks. The succes-sor version of the mainstream solution for combating money laundering, which was launched in 2000 under the name S/Research and has since been continually developed, now en-ters the market under the brand name SMARAGD MDS 4.0.

With its SMARAGD Anti-Finance Crime Suite, Cellent Finance Solutions AG offers a multitude of modules and functions for a state-of-the-art, integrative and centralized combating of money laundering and fraud in the globalized world of finance. The company has con-
2/3 densed more than ten years' experience in combating financial crime into an integral product strategy developed at the cost of several mil-lion euros. Werner Guderlei, Head of Financial Crime Solutions at Cellent Finance Solutions, reports on the first experiences with the new product suite: "Several renowned, internationally operating pri-vate banks have already implemented the SMARAGD Anti-Finance Crime Suite. The feedback following the pilot phase has exceeded our, admittedly high, expectations. Customers have confirmed a sig-nificant enhancement in functionality compared to the predecessor solution, which is reflected in particular in optimized usability and a lower false-positives rate."

The six components of the SMARAGD Anti-Finance Crime Suite seamlessly mesh together and consistently reproduce the risk-based approach as stipulated in the 3rd EU Money Laundering Directive. The consistent look & feel and intuitive user navigation pave the way for efficient workflows. The new user interface enables the user to switch languages, and even supports calligraphic languages such as Chinese or Japanese. The new succinct name for the individual com-ponents does justice to this development and underlines the character of a global leader solution in the standard software sector with a glob-ally viable nomenclature.

The SMARAGD MDS 4.0 monitoring & detection system is designed for combating money laundering at finance institutes. It is the direct successor to the well-known standard software S/Research, which was launched back in the year 2000. SMARAGD MDS fulfils Euro-pean government and supervisory authority regulations. It supports the risk-based approach laid down in the third EU Money Laundering Directive and elsewhere, as well as international know-your-customer principles (KYC).

The SMARAGD CRS compliance risk system forms the basis for comprehensive, group-wide risk and threat analyses for the preven-tion of financial crime. To monitor embargo obligations and financial 3/3 sanctions, the product suite incorporates the component SMARAGD TCM (Transaction Controlling & Monitoring). SMARAGD FPD (Fraud Prevent & Detect) and SMARAGD PEP (Politically Exposed Person Analyzing) round off this product range for implementing international money laundering and embargo requirements. With SMARAGD SIT (Securities Insider Trading), the suite also features a solution for monitoring securities transactions and combating insider trading.

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