Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino went life with the newest version of ABS – APIA Banking Suite

Lugano - 2 July 2009

APIA SA is pleased to announce that, during the last weekend of June, BancaStato has activated the new version if its banking front end suite – the APIA Banking Suite. The new version offers relevant improvement such as a new, eye-catching layout, a more flexible and user-friendly handling and some radically new features related to KommerzOffice, the module dedicated to loans and mortgages management. These new features allow users to be even more efficent both setting up a credit request (or managing existing ones) and during all back office activites, enabling a perfect management of resources.

BancaStato has implemented three of the four modules of the Suite: RetailOffice (customers and products management), KommerzOffice (loans and mortgages management) and TellerOffice (teller activities).

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