ViewerPro integrated with DowJones and Thomson Reuters

3 July 2009

Semlab, the Netherlands’ leading company in semantic analysis software, has announced that its ViewerPro platform for real time news analysis is now fully integrated with both DowJones and Reuters financial news feeds.

ViewerPro is a news analysis solution that can receive (financial) news feeds from disparate sources, such as DowJones, Reuters, RSS feeds, etc. These feeds are processed by using computational linguistics, formal logic and semantic analysis. This way, ViewerPro automatically determines the positive or negative impacts of the information described in the news on the portfolios that are relevant to the user.

Because ViewerPro turns vast amounts of unstructured news into structured electronic trading information in real time, ViewerPro gives traders a powerful tool to capture and edit news-based financial information. Traders can express their business rules according to their own market insights in an intuitive way, without interference of an external knowledge engineer. This way, organisations are secure to express their own proprietary knowledge and to create their own trading knowledge-base.

Since ViewerPro is now fully integrated with DowJones and Reuters news feeds, analysts and traders can combine the information from their news messages with quantitative data into trading strategies. With ViewerPro you can make qualified decisions and manage your trading strategies based on emerging news. Since the output of the ViewerPro system is machine-readable, it can also be integrated into your algorithmic trading system. The positive and negative news impacts can be combined with any other input to further optimise your algorithmic trading strategies.

Combining powerful semantic analysis capabilities with your trading systems enables your system to react to changing market conditions before these surface in the quantitative market data. This enables the system to pre-select the optimal trading strategy, based on emerging changes in the market.

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