On Point Executions Offers STING SWEEPING through Bloomberg EMSX

New York, NY - 29 June 2009

On Point Executions LLC, an agency only Broker Dealer, is pleased to announce that their smart option order routing system-STING, will now be on Bloomberg’s EMSX. The process is seamless for a new client. Provide us with your name and UUID#, sign an Electronic Trading Agreement and you can be using our STING route the same day.

The On Point STING routing logic uses empirical data to determine which destination will yield the optimal execution. On Point’s proprietary options routing algorithm interacts with liquidity pools with preferences defined according to best price, and past performance of how the provider interacted with order flow. STING then monitors all existing market centers for execution quality and applies this data to determine the most efficient execution venues to route orders. It has the ability to garner more liquidity by analyzing the intricate pricing and decision-making logic of market participants so as to provide superior execution quality and added value to On Point customers.

STING’s unique electronic “sweep” function can buy all posted offers or sell all posted bids in a virtual instant and ensures that customer’s orders can interact with non-electronic and electronically posted liquidity pools on multiple exchanges simultaneously. STING captures all available liquidity while at the same time minimizing market impact. This results in clients achieving better than expected execution quality with STING than with any other industry execution offering. STING is FIX 4.2 compliant and can be accessed through EMSX.

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